Wasp Nest Removal Tandridge provide the local district with safe, humane and cost effective solutions for all infestations from bees, hornets and wasps. If you have an infestation then we know you will want a quick resolve which is exactly what we offer, a same or next day service is always available.

Wasp Nest Removal Tandridge

An active wasp nest in the garden shrubs

Our local pest control team are working the Tandridge area on a twice daily basis and also some evenings during busier periods. We are licensed and insured to use the strongest treatments available and our equipment allows us to reach nests even if they are very high up.

Wasps buzzing around your barbecue or picnic is a very unwelcome site. This can be prevented by having nearby colonies treated in the earlier stages. Nests allowed to mature can contain 50,000 insects or more. The late Summer and early Autumn is when nests are at there largest . Wasps will feed on fermenting fruit they are then also at their most aggressive.

Hornet Control by wasp nest removal Tandridge

European Hornets nesting in the mortar of a building

With experience of more than 26 years, wasp nest removal Tandridge know exactly how to remedy any sized infestation in the safest and most humane of ways. Whether a domestic home or commercial business Wasptec can advise and resolve within 24 hours of your call. Weekend bookings can always be made in advance if preferred.

Wasptec cover all areas within a 10mile radius of South Godstone, including Oxted, Lingfield, Caterham and Copthorne. Every treatment is guaranteed to be successful. If a secondary wasp treatment is required then this will be given free of charge. A 98% first visit success rate makes this very  unlikely to be needed.

Pricing does vary depending on species, bees, hornets and wasps require different levels of treatment. This years price guide can be found on our website, advice, identification and bookings can be made over the phone. If you require an instant service then please visit our website

Bee Swarm

Swarm of honeybees landed in a tree

Wasptec are situated just one mile outside the boundary of Tandridge in Redhill. We are able to offer all residents, home or work place, a same day professional treatment for bees. Hornets, bumblebees and the most annoying of all, wasps.

The summer months are when wasps are at the height of activity, colonies can contain 10,000 or more. Wasps have a very sweet tooth they are often in areas we like to frequent, pub gardens, seaside resorts and barbecues certainly all get there fair share of wasps.

The stings from these insects can be extremely painful and in some cases life threatening. Wasps can cause fear and distress especially amongst those with allergies or phobias. Advice for stings and treatments can be found at wasp nest removal Tandridge.

Wasptec give a full guarantee that you will be left wasp free after our visit. If wasps are still active after a couple of days then simply give us a call and we will return free of charge and administer a further treatment. 98% of colonies are left dormant after just one visit.

European Hornets only £55 with wasp nest removal tandridge

Hornets Nesting in an old tree trunk

Bumblebees buzzing away in the garden is a sign that Spring has arrived and Summer is on its way.  Sometimes bumbles can make nests in places that are not ideal and do need to be controlled, However we do suggest to try and live with them if you can because they are sadly in decline and they are of huge beneficial importance .

If you have bumbles nesting above the ground, in a bird box or at roof level you will require our services. Most British bumblebees nest in the ground, under sheds and such like. The species that nest high are a non native bee called The Asian Tree Bumblebee (Bombus Hypnorum). These bees can be nasty and will attack if stumbled upon, they will also attack British bees and so control is important.

Wasp Nest Removal Tandridge also traet Asian Bumblebees

Asian Tree Bumblebees nesting in a bird box

Wasp Nest Removal Tandridge can also resolve issues that involve hornets.  Nests will contain a thousand or more and their sting is very potent. It is always advisable to call in an expert for wasp and hornet nests. Asian hornets have been introduced into Britain and these creatures need particular awareness as they can be deadly when they attack.

For pricing details, sting advice and details about wasps, hornets, bees and bumbles can be found on our new website. For a same day domestic or commercial service call Wasp Nest Removal Tandridge.

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